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From: The Desk of Les Brown

Atlanta, Georgia


Dear Friend,


It’s been 22 years since I’ve written my last book...


More than ever before, it's the perfect time for me to break my silence. The message in this letter today can change lives. Honestly, it’s exactly what the World needs to hear right now…



Just Look at What's Happening
In The World Today!


So many people are STRUGGLING all over the world.


Crime is on the rise, both internationally and domestically. It seems every time I turn on the news, there’s a new problem arising. Whether it’s terror attacks, political problems or an economic crisis…


I’ve seen a seismic shift in the atmosphere. I've had conversations with people who say they don't even feel safe in their own homes anymore.


Even worse…


The violence is not slowing down – it’s actually spreading day by day…


Everyone has their own theory of why this is happening. As for me, I believe the reason is far simpler than most people think…


It comes down to people losing hope. It comes down to this: people no longer believe that they can live the lives of their dreams…


Everyone feels cheated. Everyone feels let down. Everyone feels hopeless


…and they’re blaming everyone else around them!



The #1 Reason The World
Is Falling Apart? "Dreams..."


The truth is that we’ve all fallen into a SCARCITY mindset. Suddenly if we want something, it means that the others can’t have it. If they do, we feel we need to snatch it away from them!


People are…

  • Struggling in their personal lives…
  • Struggling to take care of their families…
  • Struggling to nurture their relationships…

But, most of all...

  • Struggling to make any of their dreams come true…

Every day, we’re being misguided and mis-taught. The result of all this bad direction is that our dreams are getting further and further from us.  Our sense of hope and inspiration is being replaced by anger and jealousy


…yet, the solution is actually pretty simple...


If we could all start making our personal dreams come true, one person at a time, the World would look entirely different.


People are frustrated. We go through school to educate ourselves expecting that “the system” will take care of us.


We’re sold false hope and as every day goes by, we’re realizing more and more just how bad things are. At the same time, we feel we’ve already done everything in our power…


So, what can we possibly do now? Where’s the hope?


Let me ask you an honest question



Are You Fed-Up with Constantly Trying
Only To Fail Over & Over?


Although it seems harder today than ever before to live our dreams, the irony is that we have it easier today than ever before!


  • Unlimited resources.
  • Unlimited reach.
  • Unlimited potential.
  • Unlimited access.

all at our fingertips…


However, that is all useless if we don’t know HOW to use it


We’ve fallen so far off the right path that we are officially lost now. We’re surrounded by bad news, lack of hope and no solutions…


Well, today, we’re going to shatter past all this. I’m going to grab you by the hands and lead you right into the promise land.


I’m going to take over 41 years of knowledge and PROVE to you just how “easy” living your dreams can be!


All you need to do is…TAKE ACTION!



41 Years, 1 Million Students &
$61 Million Later!


…I’ve learned a valuable lesson.


“We are NOT taught how to succeed...Period.


Think about it. When did your teacher in school sit you down and teach you how to turn your MIND and your ACTIONS into wealth?


…or into happiness?

…or into fulfillment?

…or into doing good for others?


The flat truth is that we’re not empowered with the skills to make our dreams come true.


Rather…quite honestly.  We’re taught skills that directly work against us.  We’re taught to live life in a way that nearly guarantees we’ll never make our own dreams come true.


We actually end up spending our lives making the dreams of others come true!



I Was Told I'm Educable Mentally Retarded & Would Fail In Life!


As far back as I can remember (even when I was child), I was constantly told how dumb and useless I was. I was told that I would never amount to anything life…


When I finally tried to make something of myself, I was actually SPIT ON…


But, that never stopped me.


Actually, it made me really wonder if the World told ME that I were dumb and useless, how many others the World lied to?


Fortunately, I didn’t listen…


I continued to push hard. I continued to fight.


My journey then took me on a path where I have had the honor of helping over 1 Million people change their lives. Every person I would meet, I always asked myself…


“Is this person special? Do they have a gift?”


…and every time – without fail, I could immediately see their amazing potential. Their talent. Their future...


As a matter of fact, even till this day, every time I meet someone new, I can’t help but hear a loud booming voice inside my head that’s shouting:



You Have Greatness Within You!


It’s clear. I can see it in everyone.


We’re all meant to do amazing things. We’re all meant to be…


  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Wealthy

We just need to know a few rules…a few laws.


When we can learn to harness the power of these Universal Laws of Success, there truly is nothing that can hold us back…


But, don’t take these laws lightly…


It’s taken me over four decades to discover these laws.


I vowed to myself that I would never write another book until the day I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I had un-locked the secrets to success – the specific LAWS…

22 Years Ago I Made a Vow:
I Wouldn't Write My Next Book Until I Truly Discovered The Laws of Success...


I’ve broken my “written word” of silence today after 22 years.  I’m finally releasing my next book – Laws of Success: The 12 Laws That Turn Dreams Into Reality…


You can claim your copy of the book today...


I’ve made a lot of money in my life.  I’ve been teaching and inspiring hundreds of thousands of people for years – however, I’m still not satisfied.


I know I can do more. I know I can give back even more. So, then, the question comes to my LEGACY.


This book. It’s my legacy.


It’s my personal mission to get this book into as many hands as possible.



But, For Now? This Offer Is Limited...


If you want to be guaranteed that you get a copy – scroll down now and grab your digital copy today along with the audio book...


If you choose to wait and read more, well, I have no idea how long this page will be up.


It’s$4.97. That’s it!


I don’t it's think worth missing over that, right?


So, go ahead and grab your copy now. This book took me 22 years to write – you can bet it’s going to be absolutely life changing.



Here's Exactly What You Get...
12 Laws To Turn Dreams Into Reality!


First, this isn't just any “self-help” book. This isn’t like the many that sit there collecting dust on your bookshelf. There's zero fluff or filler in this book.


I’m going straight to the 12 Laws that can be implemented right away…


And it’s a quick & easy read.


The book is only 154 pages. Within just hours, you’ll be 100% done and ready to take the steps you need to make big changes!


This book doesn’t just help you in one area of your life, but all of them. Health, wealth, relationships, you name it – you will be a different person.



It's More Than Just Personal


This book creates a personal revolution.


I’m talking about completely rebooting the mind. Imagine getting instant clarity on exactly what your next steps should be.


The goal here isn’t just to have another “feel good ” read, but to handover specific step by step action plans that you can see results from – the day you start!


  • Goal #1: Step-By-Step Blueprint To Help You Boost Your Wealth & Cash Flow.
  • Goal #2: 100% Re-Wire Your Mind To Instantly Start Attracting The Right People & Opportunities Into Your Life!
  • Goal #3: The Quickest Laws That Not Only Increase Your Wealth, But Also Your Happiness & Fulfillment From Life!

Honestly, the value of the laws in this book are nearly impossible to put a money value on. For me, the laws in this book have shaped my entire life – in every area of my life…


  • I became the highest-rated speaker in the World...
  • I’ve earned over $61 million in my career...
  • I’ve been in amazing relationships…
  • I have beautiful children who put a smile on my face everyday…

But, that’s not the impressive part.


Imagine this…


I’m the same kid who was put in the “special” class.  I was told – “I would never amount to anything in my life…


My teachers even told me to quit and expect the bare minimum from my life…




There is no stopping these 12 Laws of Success. These laws finally unlock the very secrets that we should have been learning this whole time…


  • How one 20-minute daily ritual has led to my biggest BREAKTHROUGHS.  This one simple practice could transform your life. Page 62.
  • Discover 4 Simple Ways to break through your BIGGEST obstacles and get in touch with what you REALLY want in your life. Page 17.
  • How to start leaping towards your dreams and attract wealth, even if you don’t have a clue or any plan. Page 101.
  • 7 specific ways to make more money right now. If you feel stuck at your current income, I’ll give you amazing breakthrough ideas. Page 110.
  • Want to become wealthy? You need to build your own “Dream Team.” Discover exactly how. Page 56.
  • Even if you are a “nobody” in your field, here is EXACTLY how you can connect with the Top ELITE players. The key is to follow my 3 Step Mentor Magnet System. Page 88.
  • You have UNTAPPED talents and gifts within you. By using the 3-step system, you’ll discover these gifts and Instantly create new opportunities for wealth. Page 28.
  • Discover the 6 ways to Become Wealthy while actually HELPING others. My exact strategies revealed. Page 130.
  • Are you tired of FEAR holding you back? I reveal the breakthrough that’ll allow you to conquer your F.E.A.R and transform your life (It’s not just talking yourself up). Page 34.
  • One of the biggest questions I get is “how do I meet amazing people?” Discover 3 simple rules to find and attract amazing people, even if you’re not a social butterfly. Page 57.
  • Every day there are TOXINS that are poisoning your mind. I show you exactly how to identify and detox your mind so you effortlessly attract positive energy in your life. Page 71.
  • My #1 secret on how to instantly change your state of mind to being ELATED and HAPPY. Discover this exact secret. Page 117.
  • The one simple rule to LIVE by. I’ve learned this in 41 years of coaching students. My TOP students live by this rule. We’ll reveal the rule. Page 139.
  • Wealthy people are leaders. Don’t think you can be a leader? Think again! I reveal how YOU can start leading people to greatness TODAY. Page 127
  • What is the biggest block to wealth in your life? It’s not your career. It’s not your luck. It’s actually the people around you. One type of person in particular is holding you back. Discover what type of person this is, and how to get them out of your life. Page 52.


This is just the start. I can’t possibly list out everything you’re getting here.  This is my ENTIRE Life’s work – all in this book.


Just imagine.


But, I’m not done yet – imagine, you’re also going to learn…



My #1 Secret Weapon To Wealth:
Multiple Streams of Passive Income!


I’m not just going to give you the MINDSET tools – but I’m going to actually show you the specific blueprints on how I’ve made my money


As a matter of fact, once you’re in my inner circle


…you get access to the World’s top experts in almost any topic related to wealth generation…


  • Building businesses…
  • Creating Online businesses – 100% automated…
  • My blueprint & story on how I used stage-speaking to amass my fortune (but now you can use the Internet)…

I’ll even commit to bringing you the World’s most premiere INCOME-BUILDING coach. He’s world-renown for helping teach people how to become online Entrepreneurs.


The best part is that it doesn’t matter what area of your life needs a change, this book has you 100% covered.



From Health To Wealth - Turn All Dreams
To Reality!


It sounds crazy to say…


… but the solution to the World’s problems today is empowerment.  More people need to realize that they (and they alone) control their own fate.


  • You can have absolutely anything you want in life.

  • You can make absolutely any dream come true.

All you need is the right SYSTEM and the right SUPPORT structure.  That’s exactly what I’m here for.


That’s exactly what my new book “Laws of Success” is here for.


The question is just – are you going to take action and grab a copy of it for yourself?



Here's What To Do Next:


All we ask is that you cover a small fee of $4.97.


With that tiny amount, we'll send both the digital copy of the book and an INSTANTLY downloadable audio version.


Yes, that’s right – you can start reading the book IMMEDIATELY


As soon as you cover the fee, you can immediately log-in to your Email and find the confirmation email giving you the link to directly download the book and audio book.


This way, the digital and audio versions can be accessed anywhere immediately,


Oh, and in case you're wondering...



There's Absolutely No Catch!


I can see how someone would think “this is too good to be true.” It’s very rare that you find something in life that TRULY is this good and this true…


Well, my book – “Laws of Success” is one of those rare moments.


Remember, I already told you – I’ve made enough money.  I don’t need the money. But, I’m 71 years old and I’m ready to prepare my legacy.


I want to change millions of MORE lives.


I want this book to get into AS MANY hands as possible!


There is absolutely zero catch.


There are no hidden future fees. You literally just put down a small $4.97 fee.


$4.97. That’s it.


That’s the decision that stands between you and a brand new life today.





I Don't Know How Long This Page Will Be Up...


Sooner than later, I’m going to officially publish it – release it to the bookstores and it’ll be $19.97 to get a copy.


However, for now – that’s not the case, you truly have a chance to just get the book for $4.97 right now.


This Is Your Last Chance To Claim This
Limited-Time Offer!



This Is Truly A Limited Time Offer – Don’t Risk It!


Years from now, when you look back you’re going to realize that your entire life eventually came down to a few key decisions you made...


This is one of those key decisions…


There is really nothing to think about.  If I were asking you for $10,000 – I can understand the hesitation. However, for $4.97 – it’s a no-brainer.


Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.


Remember, you have greatness within you – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!



P.S. For the people who just skip to the end of the letter (don’t worry, I do it sometimes too), here's the deal:


In short, I’ve put together the best advice, knowledge and training that I’ve learned over the last 41 years of my career.


It comes down to 12 laws.


These 12 laws combined have made me $61 Million in my life.


Now, after taking a vow of silence (written silence) – I have finally written my new book “Laws of Success” after 22 years.


This is a complete 154-page book that shares my 12 Laws of Success - a simple system I've used and my students have used to make radical positive changes in their life.


And I want to send it to everyone who wants to learn my success secrets TODAY for INSTANT access!


All I ask is that you cover small fee of $4.97, and I’ll send a digital and audio version of the book!


Click here and claim your copy. Don’t let this pass you by.